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Clock Tower Music

Violin Lessons

Pierre Dazin                                                          lessons available online
Saturday and Sunday

Phone: 857-234-6519

Bachelors from the New England Conservatory of Music. Studied with Li Lin privately for over eight years previously, and studied with Mrs. Marylou Speaker Churchill and Mr. James Buswell at the Conservatory. Throughout schooling at the New England Conservatory, participated in an extensive variety of ensemble, chamber, and solo performances within a variety of learning and performance contexts as well as performing throughout Boston as part of ensembles and outreach programs.

As a person, genuine and trusting and, as a teacher, always patient and understanding. I approach each student reasonably and with a goal in mind that suits their desire. Acquired experience teaching on the East Coast, using a mix of Suzuki method, scales, and various etudes based on the Galamian technique and approach to violin playing. Chooses repertoire for students that includes a balance of music from different compositional time periods to expand their musical ear and increase the knowledge of their instrument. Wishes to teach in a way that conveys enjoyment, patience, and discipline all while maintaining a focus on the development of the student so that they can always feel they have learned something new and exciting about music or their instrument.

Education and Experience:
High School Diploma '05, Aragon High School, San Mateo
Bachelor in Music - Violin Performance '10 New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA

2006 MTAC Winner Senior Strings 2006 Pacific Music Festival 2nd Place Heifetz Institute Alum Summer of '07-'08
Student of Mrs. Marylou Speaker Churchill, '07
Student of Mr. Daniel Heifetz, '08
Marylou Speaker Churchill ('06-'08)
James Buswell ('08-'10)
• Able to keep a calm, naturally positive, and patient attitude towards peers and colleagues, children and adults
• Comfortable in any environment
• Trained in communication skills that involve public speaking and expression, on and off the stage.
• Audio Technician skills for recording or videotaping lessons/performances.

Happy Mozart School (June 2011-Sept 2014)
Violin Teacher

The Harker School (Sept 2014-Present)
After-school Violin and Music Coach

"Taksim" String Quartet by Be'eri Moalem

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