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Clock Tower Music

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of guitar should I buy?
It depends on the style of music. Most country/rock music use steel string guitars for the sustain and clarity. Classical (nylon string) guitars have a warm sound that is better suited for classical or latin music. It’s always best to try a guitar for size and preference. 

How often should I change my strings?
Depending on how often you play every 3-6 months is good frequency.  New strings have a brighter sound and hold pitch. 

Do you install strings?
Yes. We offer string change + fingerboard cleaning and polish for about $20 plus the price of strings.Call to schedule an appointment.


Can I apply my rental fees to purchase?
Yes, you can apply the rental fees to purchase the instrument originally rented minus repair fees.

If my instrument is not working properly what should I do?
Contact us so we can schedule a repair and let you know an estimated time for pick up.

Can I have a rental shipped directly to my house?
Yes. If you request an online instrument please select home delivery. 

How do I return my rental?
Please return it to Clock Tower Music. We will check in your return and email a confirmation.


If my mouthpiece is stuck what do I do?
Please do not try to remove it. Bring it to the store and we can extract it with a special tool. No charge for this service and can be done while you wait. 

My saxophone stays in the octave range?
It usually the key on the gooseneck that will bend and remain open. It’s a simple fix. Please contact me and I can adjust it. 

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