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Clock Tower Music

Group Lessons are back...

Adult Group Guitar Lessons 

at Clock Tower Music

What do you need to bring?
Just a guitar!

Class size limited to 8.
To sign up or for additional information contact me by filling in the information to the right or call me at 415-309-9309

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Upcoming Adult Group Guitar Classes

Classes start the week of March 21st

Monday evenings 6:15-7:15

Tuesday evenings 6:15-7:15

Wednesday evenings 6:15-7:15

Lessons held at Clocktower Music at 676 Laurel St. San Carlos.

Classes run 8 weeks, are an hour long, with generally no more than 10 students per class.

Cost: $240.

The group classes are for adults only.

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Description Of Levels


Upcoming Adult Group Classes

Level 1A
Monday and Tuesday evenings 6:15-7:15
This beginner level class is for anyone who already knows some chords and strum patterns. This is the class to take after the Total Beginner Class.
Start date: Monday, March 20th and Tuesday, March 21st
8 weeks

All Tom Petty Part 2 (NEW CLASS)
Wednesday evenings 6:15-7:15
In this intermediate level class we will learn more great Tom Petty songs.
Songs include It's Good To Be King, Mary Jane's Last Dance and more.
Start date: Wednesday, March 22nd
8 weeks



Themes (Level 2 and up)


All Beatles


All Willie Nelson


All Paul Simon


All Tom Petty


Playing Around The Campfire 

In these classes, offered during the summer, the emphasis is on singing along while playing. Singing is not required but it is encouraged. Unlike the other classes there is less emphasis on technique or new concepts.  This one is very popular.



Intros, outros, simple melodies, and how to play different parts in a group setting. You'll learn how to incorporate slides, hammer-ons, and other techniques.


American Roots Music

Arrangements of early blues, folk, and country songs with intros, lead licks, and outros. Singing and taking solos is encouraged but not required.

Example of songs: St. James Infirmary, Mama Don't You Tear My Clothes, Alberta, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, and many more.



The basics of fingerpicking using folk, country, blues, and pop music.


Theory Classes

Various topics are introduced in these classes. Want to know why this chord sounds good with that chord but not that other chord? Want to know the relationship between chords and scales? Take one of these classes.


Technique Classes 

In these classes we focus on developing certain techniques like improving single note speed and accuracy or how to cross pick. These are often short intensive classes.


Not sure what class would be a good fit for you? Contact me and we'll figure it out or, better yet, schedule a private lesson so I can hear you and more confidently suggest the best class for you.


Barre Chords (Level 2)
Monday evenings 6:15-7:10
Getting our barre chords together can be an emotional experience. In this class we will work on songs with the mini F chord and the B minor chord. I'll have lots of drills and exercises to help you get these chords together.
Songs include House Of The Rising Sun, I Shall Be Released, Teach Your Children and more.
Start date: Monday, November 6th
7 weeks

All Tom Petty (Level 2)
Monday evenings 7:15-8:15
In this class we will focus on some of Tom Petty's greatest songs. This level 2 class will be more of a "strum and sing" class without any intricate single note material.
Songs include I Won't Back Down, Learning To Fly, Breakdown and more
Start date: Monday, November 6th
7 weeks

All Tom Petty (Level 3/4)
Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:15
In this class we'll focus on the music of Tom Petty's greatest songs. This more intermediate/advanced class will be good for people who'd like to dive into some of the fancier intros and single note melodies.
Songs include Into The Great Wide Open, Wildflowers, Running Down A Dream and more.
Start date: Wednesday, November 8th (No class on Wednesday, November 22nd).
6 weeks
Sign up soon because classes fill up fast.

The classes are a continuation of currently running classes. For example, if you are currently in the Monday at 7:15 class then the next session at that time is the appropriate level for you.All classes are held at Clocktower Music located at 676 Laurel Street in San Carlos. For a description of group class levels and themes go here. To sign up, or if you have any questions, contact me at

Introduction to Fingerpicking (Level 2)
Monday evenings 6:15-7:10
In this class we will work on common fingerpicking patterns over traditional folk and blues songs.
Songs include Sloop John B, Railroad Bill, Freight Train and more
Start date: Monday, March 27th (No class on April 24th and May 29th)
9 weeks

Fingerpicking Solo Arrangements (Level 3)
Monday evening 7:15-8:15
In this class we will work on fingerpicking arrangements where the rhythm, chords, and melody all come together.
Prerequisite: must have prior fingerpicking experience.
Songs include Freight Train (solo style), Stagger Lee and more.
Start date: Monday, March 27 (No class on April 24th and Monday, May 29th)
9 weeks

Level 1A
Tuesday evening 7:15-8:15
This class builds off the skills you learned in the Total Beginner Class. Here you'll learn more chords and strum patterns.
Prerequisite: some very basic prior guitar playing experience.
Songs include Let It Be, Jambalaya, You Ain't Going' Nowhere, and more.
Start date: Tuesday, March 28th (No class on Tuesday, April 25th)
9 weeks

1965-1970 (Level 3/4) (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:15
In this intermediate/advanced class we will work on some great songs from the late 60s.
Songs include America, Mother Nature's Son, I Will, and more.
Start date: Wednesday, March 29th (No class on Wednesday, April 26th)
9 weeks
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